Friday, December 30, 2011

African Red Wing Hawk and a Scottish Eagle Owl

This is the African Red Wing Hawk, not too dissimilar to our Red Winged Hawk in Pennsylvania that you see quite frequently.  It seems even more so now since they have moved into the urban landscape.

This wonderful fellow is the Scottish Eagle Owl.  They live to quite on old age eighty odd years.  He said that he will pass this Eagle Owl on to his son, who accompanies him.
I was especially thrilled to see this show at the Faire, because when I was in Perth, Scotland several years ago, a family had brought a baby Eagle Owl to the Convention.  Yes I know a little different, but it seemed that many friends brought their pets to the Convention, at least the ones who had parking by the stadium, it made for a very interesting lunch hour.

The baby owl needed feeding every half and hour, it was only six weeks old with downy feathers beginning to drop, however it already stood over a foot tall.  The babe could not be left on it's own.  I think the brother worked on a Scottish Estate. Such a joy to see.


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