Monday, December 26, 2011

Firelight and Friends

Saturday morning was busy and at the last minute a decision was made to get together that evening and do some crafts.  But in the end one friend could not make it and another friend was invited, so the three old musketeers got together, that's Joni, Janice and I.

Since Joni isn't  crafty person we played Scrabble.

Janice bought some goodies including her home made olives and a bottle of wine, I supplied a few other goodies and there we were an enjoyable get together without too much stress.

So here we have firelight and friends.


  1. What lovely cosy pics! The goodies in the candle light look too pretty to eat. It is so relaxing to be with old friends.

  2. I just love how you displayed the food and layed it out. I am so glad you had a pleasant time with dear friends. That is the best!


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