Friday, December 23, 2011

The Malting's Bishop's Stortford

Clare Leighton is the sister of Roland Leighton who was a poet and died in WWI.  Roland Leighton was engaged to Vera Britain who was a writer and wrote about her wartime experience in Testimony of Youth.

Clare Leighton lived for a while on Crescent Road, just off Warwick Road in Bishop's Stortford, part of our old pioneer stomping grounds, along with every other street in town; which we walked a million times.

Going back to Clare Leighton she was a very good wood engraver illustrator and one of her works was The Malting's in Bishop's Stortford.

Bishop's Stortford's Malting Industry

Bishop's Stortford

Do take a look at the links and view the streets in town everyone brings back memories.


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  1. I didn't know the link between Vera Britain and Stortford. There are now new apartments called the maltings which I assume are on the same site. This has reminded me that I want to go to the Bishops's Stortford museum which is mainly about Cecil Rhodes but also has a lot about Stortford itself.


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