Monday, February 28, 2011

Posting Changes and Musing

I have started on another Blurb book, downloading my 2009 Lil Bit Brit Blog.  It's fun adjusting a rearranging page layouts.

T.G.I.T.  I seem to be very bad at keeping up a regular weekly continued posting, but I do love my "Thank Goodness It's Tea" so I will probably post it once a month.

US State Quilt Squares, I will gradually start posting, but not every week.  If you're desperately following then I would pick the pace up, but let me know.

Boosul Boy was chuffed to find what he calls a "beater bike" on Craig's List.  He wanted to find a light weight one speed bike to ride to school.  He found a Fuji for $75.00. The guy in NJ about an hours drive said to get there at 10:00am as someone else had called.  So I said to Rob "the early bird gets the worm."  He got there twenty minutes early, but the other person never turned up at 10:00 am so Rob got it.  So I guess if your late you loose.

I am happy for him, because it's a nice little bike for him to ride to school and is 4 lbs lighter than his Bianchi.  Although he calls it a beater bike he will look after it.  He's already trying to come up with a teacher to put the bike in their closet, instead of leaving it locked up in the bike rack.


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  1. I like your TGIT post but I don't seem to be able to do it except once when I had help.


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