Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hubby Rototilled The Vegetable Garden

Hubby rototillered the vegetable garden. The rototiller is old, probably seventies.  We bought it off a friend who was downsizing to an apartment, after her husband died.

The soil was terribly wet and maybe we were a little premature in tilling it.  He also added a layer of compost from the composter; which we will till in later.  He left the area where my rhubarb is, that takes three years to be established, quite a long term program.  

We still have not had any spring like days yet.

Can't wait to get out to the shed and potting soil, to plant my seeds, now's the time.

The black and white cat is a constant visitor to our garden and girls.  He wanders over on a summer's afternoon and thinks this is his second home.  Take's a nap under the trees by the pond and looks at you and says "I have every right to be here" such is a cat's way.


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