Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Buildings at The Farm Park



 We took a different walk at the Park other then our usual ones, this is one of the many buildings that are part of Park area.  Some of the old buildings have wonderful detail, or are just great in black and white.  I would love the slate roofed building if it were in my yard, what one could do with it.

Bo dumpster diving, no good finds.  It seems a little contradictory to say this is part of a park, but it was once all part of the State Hospital (asylum)



  1. I had to laugh at Bo "dumpster diving" as our son had just popped in all pleased with himself for finding a combi tv/dvd player in the rubbish shed at his flat when he took his rubbish out. It was clean and dry so he took it in and tried an old dvd and it worked so its in their bedroom now. It seems recycling other peoples junk is a universal pleasure.

  2. Lovely pictures Christy. Maybe next time there will be some treaures in the dumpster.


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