Sunday, February 27, 2011

Looked what arrived in the post.  A gift from my friend Candyce's daughter, Laura.

What a wonderful surprise Laura, thank you so much.  As you can see I have tried it out and took a lovely freshly ground travel mug of coffee with me, plus the lip for drinking seems to be ergonomically designed, it seems many are not.  Dripping and causing all sorts of problems, but this one is great.

I have always liked this style of making coffee with a press and have a large one, but I like the idea of a travel press.  Plus it would be great for camping.

So thank you,  what a great surprise.

Couldn't help but smile at the instructions enclosed, in a zillion languages.  Plus the lovely card made by Candyce, her cards are beautiful.


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  1. I posted the link to Laura. It is a neat travel mug, to be sure.


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