Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Artists House

This is my friends house, she is an artist and studied at the Academy of Art in Philadelphia.  Her house is so interesting.  Especially her kitchen.  The center island represents a river.  The end where the birds are will be a waterfall and it will look as if it is flowing down a river, which is represented by the glass counter top, which you look though to see the creatures of a river below.

In the dining room she has old Mexican doors and a wonderful painted rustic cupboard from India.

The downstairs powder room is great, the tap water looking as if it comes from the falling water.  Plus the old wood work.

I always love to visit it's so interesting.  She has a wonderful fossil collection. Plus a some what eclectic South-Western theme.


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  1. Wow! How amazing. I am going to a Norman Rockwell exhibition today with my artist friend. She would love that house but lives in a tiny one bedroom flat.


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