Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lunch With Candyce

Last Friday I spent a great day visiting a friend.  She always sets a lovely luncheon; which of course we got to talking and forgot to take anymore photos beside these.  I love the Denby set on the April Cornell tablecloth.  The cloth sets the set off.  The little tea cozy is one I bought in the UK.

Look at the lovely gifts she gave me.  We both love beautiful writing paper and different pens.  Plus there were some lovely cards Candyce made me.  Plus a Maisie Dobbs book to read.

We knew each other before we both had our boys in our forties, but then we had even more in common.  Rob was my first Candyce's fourth.  We could write a book on childbirth in one's forties.


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  1. We did have such a nice time, didn't we?

    I treasure our friendship very much.


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