Friday, February 4, 2011

Idle and Ill

Well it's Friday and I've spent the entire day ill in bed. This cold or flu, what ever it is, has been coming on for several days, but it just progressed and got worse until today when I had to admit defeat and go to bed.  I slept and read and slept, and the girls Tink and Tupp, slept and slept and slept, ya you'd be surprised if I said read to ha?  They don't usually get let on the bed but boy can they read circumstances and take advantage of them, then you don't have the heart to turn them off.

One advantage to hubby being home is that I've been waited on hand and foot.  Tea, tea and toast, hot milk, honey and whiskey, soup.  I can remember certain times when I've been ill and the family is all out and you have to get on with it, so this is a treat.

We had rain and an ice storm this week on top of the snow, so now it has this thick shiny crust on it;  which looks most peculiar.  We're meant to get more snow tomorrow.  Poor old Australia has had a terrible time of it, one thing after another.  The weather patterns have certainly been crazy.  

Oh my goodness I'm sounding like a true Brit and talking on about the weather.  Well I'm ready for spring and when I step out my front door and see my little bunch of snowdrops growing, I will know it's on the way.  Of course buried under the snow they probably are on there way.

I finished the mittens I was making.  I now have another project in mind. An Oilily jumper.  Oilily  is a very popular children's store, ridiculously over priced, but they also sell adult clothing.  They are known for their very colourful designs.  I found a woman's Oilily jumper at the thrift very pretty in multiple colours, for $6, but it's a tad tight, so I undid the sides and arms and I thought I'd have a go on crocheting in an insert, revamping the jumper/sweater. I've never tried this before and I have to find the correct yarn to do so.  I wish I had the yarn now because I'd start on it. 

Back in November Boosul Boy got a part-time job at a very upscale senior retirement home.  The type of place that has a cinema, hair dressers and it's own shops, plus several dining rooms.  Rob is a server, taking their orders and running out the appetisers, soup or salad, plus the desserts, the runners take the main course out.

We asked him what it's like? And he said it's like working on a cruise ship.  Rob can always hit the nail on the head.  We said who does he like serving best? He said the Asian folk, because they are the most courteous.  I'll have to remember that when I retire.  

He usually works three evenings a week, 4:00PM - 8:00PM, always a Saturday and the other evenings can vary except the evening we go to our Bible meetings, he always has off.  It makes for a long day  leaving for school at 6:50 AM. He gets paid a little above minimum wage.  Even that can add up though for a teenager who lives at home and has no expenses.  The buying power of teenagers in the States is huge.  Some parents just give their children what I consider to be huge amounts of money; which I think does them no favours growing up.  That's why big business can target that age group.

It's been pretty lean this last year, so he can now buy his own clothes, and he's thrifty with that.  And has been able to treat himself to a few goodies he wanted. Plus he will safe some of his check.  He's willing to help out in the family, as needs must.  It makes them think about sharing and chipping in.

Hubby has just brought up Italian Wedding Soup for me.  It's a beef broth with onions, garlic, carrots, spinach, tiny meatballs and an orzo type pasta, other small pastas can be used.  It's good.

So will eat soup and watch a Chinese DVD I have 'Raise the Red Lantern', so will watch that now.  Hope your weekend is good.



  1. I hope you feel better soon. I know the flu can be so hard for you.

  2. Sorry your illness is dragging on. When we are well and rushing about we think it would be lovely to do nothing but the only time we do that is when we are ill and then its not enjoyable and gets boring. Glad that Bob has been looking after you though and hope you got out today.


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