Friday, December 24, 2010

T.G.I. Tea Friday, Tea in Titian and Fruit Cake

A favourite place to have a cup of tea, is sitting in my Chinese chair with my little oak half table.  It's a dear little table which came with the first house we ever bought, a row home, off an old Italian couple.  Underneath is a shelf for my books, journal and pens.  Plus behind the chair I can hide all my needlework apparel.

This is a sunny little set I have, well hardly a set, one cup a couple of saucers and several different size plates, but I love the sunny yellow.  It's Titian Ware, made in England, so pretty.  And a nice miniature fruit cake, yummy.

The photos are my mum and I and me with baby boosul boy.


T.G.I.Tea, Do post your quiet tea time, see the link below.

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