Friday, December 17, 2010

T.G.I. Tea Friday , a Simple Tea and Apple Cake

You can see the steam rising from a piping hot cup of tea

Just a simple cup of tea and Jewish Apple Cake on an old tray.

I like a cup of tea, but always think the first cup of tea out of the pot is the best, so I solve that problem by having a large cup and saucer.  I like coffee in mugs but tea in a cup and saucer.  The cup is Redoule Roses, Royal Kirkham, Fine Bone China, Made in England.

Hubby made the Jewish Apple Cake, served on Classic J&G Meakin, Blue Nordik, English Ironstone.

The tray is a Florentine paper mache toile tray from Italy, a wedding present and used every day, so it's seen a lot of wear.

This was a cup of tea and cake that hubby got ready for me.


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