Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Good Deeds Have their Reward

Last week I phoned a friend who is house bound with knee replacement surgery, she wanted a prescription picked up from her doctor and dropped off at the pharmacy.  Her doctor has a practice in a lovely large old house in the lovely large old house section of town.  And guess what they were taking out of a lovely old large house,in that section of town, yes a beautiful set of ten windows.  Now I have stopped picking up discarded windows, because hubby says he will not put anymore in the garage, but I ask you how could you pass these by?

I always dream of making my own green house or garden conservatory out of them, maybe one day.

The above scavenged green house is in the Orkney Islands and I got it off Wind and Wellies Blog.

It was a bitter day and I would not have been in that section of town if I had not being doing my good deed.  Things do have a way of working out.

Plus I saw my friend and we shared a pot of tea.


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  1. A few years ago, a friend had all her windows replaced and suggested to her long-suffering son that he could build her a conservatory with the old windows. He did and it was beautiful and I was jealous! So your conservatory may become a reality also.


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