Sunday, December 26, 2010

10:30 PM And All Is Quiet In The Snow Of The Night

It's 10:30 PM Sunday Night and this is my view.  Its blowing quite hard and meant to snow all night.  You can see the snow piling up on the kitchen window screen.  But we're warm and cozy by the wood stove.

I've been working on another Blurb book.  This one is a download of my 2008 Year of Blogging.  It was quite easy to download the posts, but to tweak all the photographs and to work all the page layouts the way you want them to look takes time. 

My last couple of books I did not do a PDF printed proof and I think it's much easier to catch a mistake on a printed proof than on the screen.  We always do printed proofs at work and I need to take the time to do one for this. 

I have a $25.00 credit, as on one of my journals I did for 2011, was trimmed further in than I thought it should have been, and cut off part of my date numbers, not too bad, but not right.  The other journal I did is fine.  So therefore the credit which I need to use up.

I wish Blogging had been around when Rob was little, as it's a great way of keeping a pictorial journal.  And just going over 2008 brought back many memories.


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  1. Isn't it beautiful when its freshly fallen? Hoping ours disappears today as everybody fed up with slithering about.


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