Monday, May 31, 2010

My Vege Garden and Grape Vines

These photos of my garden are about two weeks old, so things have grown up much more. This year I planted everything in raised rows and I will see how that works out, with grass clippings in between.

Tink is supervising the potting of flowers. and my grape vines are coming on a treat. Two North American vines, Concord and Niagara the other vine with small leaves is a Montrachet. This year I'm going to make wine. I've made it before it's hard work, but rewarding. The roses are Joseph's Coat a very fragrant climbing rose, I love it.

These postings are a bit late as the computer has been on the fritz with a power charging problem. So will try and catch up.


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  1. Your veg looks healthy. I am growing veg again this year and eating salad leaves and radish now. Its still so cold here though despite a hot spell last week, so veg seems slow to grow.


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