Friday, May 21, 2010

Victoria Sandwich with Passion Fruit Jam and Butter Cream Filling

I made this last Sunday, from a recipe that it seems I've just always known. But really it comes from a friend of my childhood, auntie Gladys. My mum asked her why her Victoria Sandwiches just did not rise well, and auntie Gladys said take 4 eggs and weigh them with the shells on and then all the other ingredients are the same weight. Flour, sugar and butter. So if the eggs weigh 8 oz, the flour is 8 oz, the sugar 8 oz, and the butter 8 oz. I add baking powder to plain flour as Self Raising flour is not readily available here in the States for some reason, I don't know why, here we always add the baking powder. And that recipe formula works a treat.

I filled it with passion fruit jam, from Aldi's which is yummy and a butter cream filling. The cake was gone in two days. Cake does not last long around our house. Especially since we are living frugally and not buying extra cookies etc, everything is homemade.

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