Monday, May 31, 2010

Pots & Blooms

Every year outside my back door and along the back of the house I have pots of flowers and they are always different. I bought some different varieties of coleus while I was in the Amish Country, also mixed with the seedling flowers I grew.

These are planted in big plastic containers that stand on pedestals, I have four of them. I started off with evergreen trees in them, thinking that would be in there permanently and for several years they did very well, but then eventually look worse and worse and died. Then I tried some different shrubs, thinking they would last from year to year, but no. So now I just plant new flowers in these pots every year, ringing the changes and enjoying the difference of atmosphere it gives to the back every year.

My O
Henrii Clematis


Roses climbing though shrubs at the front of my house.



Joseph's Coat, beautiful climbring rose by my kitchen window. The name explains the rose.


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