Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Day Wedenesday

Until I sat down and wrote the date I didn't think of it, Rob is 16 today. Where have the years gone? My dear boy, who I could hug and kiss to death, but can't, although he does allow some.

I'm in the Studio room and I'm just pooped. I've been in the garden all day. Planting the remainder of the vege and flowers, which was only just a bit less than half of what I planted last Saturday, so it was a lot of work. I'm wondering how long it will take to see flowers on all my little delicate plants. They look so fragile out of their little containers planted in the garden. But it needed to be done or nothing would be on it's way. I also planted lettuce seeds straight in the garden, Iceberg, I thought I had more lettuce seeds, but don't seem to.

There is a young tabby male cat, he is soo in love with Tinkerbell, plus there is a ginger and a black cat who visit. Spring is for Amour no doubt.

I love The Studio Room, it's another quiet place to recharge. I'm feeling good because we have accomplished some things in and around the house.

It threatened all day to rain, but didn't so that was good, but now the plants are in, it can rain.

I just finished an unauthorized biography of Agatha Christie, quite interesting, a while ago I read her autobiography. This fills in the time she disappeared and more about her later life.

She wrote 80 books in about 50 years. Wouldn't that be something to read them all in order?

Rob likes his room and keeps it quite tidy, which is a turnaround. Bo and I were sitting on the sofa watching tele and he came out of the bathroom with a wet cloth and wiped all along the back of the sofa. It did make me smile.

I got 'To Serve Them All My Days.' a DVD, by D. F. Delderfield. It does remind me of 'Goodbye Mr. Chips'. But starts towards the end of WWI and not before.

We're still doing pretty good with the frugal food shopping. Bo's on board and reads all the food fliers. So we spin out our money.

I'm also reading 'Life List', a woman's quest for the worlds most amazing birds. I'll have to get going on that as it's due back at the library soo. It's by Olivia Gentile.

I'm sitting here and I've just realized how the evenings are drawing out, and there is a funny light you get before a storm in the evening. The latest it ever stays light to is 9:30 PM, so different to the UK, but we're that much further south here. When we were on the Isle of Sky, even in September, three months past the summer equinox, it was still light until 10:30 PM to 11:00 PM. It's great when you're on holiday.

Oh dear! The male tabby, who I think might be a stray, but he's terribly friendly, seems to be in our garden all the time. He's young and a little thin, I haven't fed him, so he must be eating somewhere. I've taken to calling him 'Cat' like Audrey H. in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. I think he's adopting us, even the girls seem to accept him now and if you knew our Tuppence a true Tiger, he's come quite a way.

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