Friday, May 21, 2010

Update on The Studio

We took the border down and painted the blue wall white. I chickened out on painting this wall an olive green to pick up a colour in this sixties fabric I have; which I'm going to make blinds out of. I do like the white though, it's so fresh.

Bo's old desk is now in here, along with a chair taken out of my Simla Room; which you already know has tons of stuff in and is not missed at all. I've always loved this chair, it's extra wide, hum! with a wicker seat and the most interesting coyote design on the back center on both sides. We picked it up in a yard sale for $5.00. There was a companion chair a rabbit but one side support was broken, but I wish now I had bought it and glued it. Someone must have made them.

The bits and pieces on the desk come from other parts of the house. The two stained glass panels, the tiles and my Eskimos from Alaska.

We swapped out the bookcases, so Rob has his books in the bookcase near his bed. And I was able to take the books from there and incorporate them in here, along with two piles of books from the Simla Room that were getting on my nerves, just piled on the floor. Every time I go out I say "No More Books" it never works.

I'm able to have up my electric organ; which was packed away. Also we got our at least 20 year old Poem chair from IKEA, out of the basement, where it wasn't fairing too well, cleaned it up and now I'm enjoying a comfortable chair here. I was always glad we got the black leather, as I'm sure it's hiding a lot of wear. Unlike the much lighter leather furniture in the Bedsit room.

These photos do not quite show the completed room with the shelves put back, so will take more photos and update on that. Not sure when I'll get to the blinds, but I just love the old sixties fabric, in pinks, purples, olive greens with these huge subtle butterflies. It's wonderfully retro, about 10 yards bought at the thrift for $5.00.

Well must go, it's a beautiful morning, Friday and it's my day off. Hurrah!!!


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