Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Picnic at Peace Valley Park

Last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend; which meant that we had Monday off as well. So on Saturday, being such a lovely day, we decided to take a picnic to the Peace Valley Park.

We had a lovey setting for our picnic. And I got to use both of my lovely wicker picnic baskets; which I keep on top of the fridge for that special picnic day.

So we made tuna fish sandwiches, with carrot salad and regular salad items. Followed with, chocolate chip cookies, homemade scones with butter and mango and passion fruit jam, a favourite of ours at the moment. All washed down with iced tea or hot tea.

I just love this tea towel, which I used for a little cloth. It's Irish linen and covered in woodland creatures. Picnics make me think of Ratty and Mole taking a riverside picnic, in Wind in The Willows, so appropriate I think. The red lined picnic basket was a gift from a friend.

Rob finishing off with an extra scone.

The blankets are L.L. Bean up in Maine. I bought four years ago for camping at a great price.

So just wanted to share and remember our special day.


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  1. Looks a lovely spot and your picinic yummy and very organized! Last time we had a proper picinic was about two years ago in the orchard of Shaws corner, a National Trust property in Herts. Must do one again if I can pressgang friends or family into it.


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