Monday, June 15, 2009

Gold Japanese Blossom Design China

When out with my friend C. I saw these pieces, and we both just loved the simplicity of the pattern, from Japan. C. said it might have been bought home by a serviceman.

When I went to purchase the pieces the girl said, oh! this is what is left of the service. Most pieces were .50 cents and the serving pieces several dollars. I had to be content with what I had, and not with what I'd missed.

So several weeks later I'm out with my friend M. and it suddenly occurred to me that just maybe she had bought some of the set. And sure enough, she had been there when it was a complete set before it was all bought up piece by piece. I thought M. might have bought some because she entertains on a large scale and is always buying white with gold plates for her ever growing collection.

Today she brought me over what she had bought, which was eight larger side plates/salad plates and eight larger bowls, maybe more for salad than soup because they are quite shallow.

M. said there was a whole coffee set with the coffee pot, cream and sugar and a whole tea set, but no tea pot, that went with it. Eight of everything and of some pieces there were twelve. It must have been huge. M. had not bought the dinner plates.

So in any case I got out my plain white dinner set with the gold edge out and it all goes together very nicely. So will mix it. I never had many serving pieces with my plain set, so this will go very nicely.

So I am very happy with what I have, so now I have to have a nice set sit down dinner and entertain.


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