Saturday, June 20, 2009

My local IKEA

I don't go to IKEA too often, although they're not that far from me. They had some nice outside lamps for candles this year, in both silver and black. I bought the silver, they said the black would be in soon, but a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, with IKEA, because the black was to be in five weeks ago. It's probably on a slow boat from China, or sitting in a container in Long Beach, CA.

I like their cafeteria, the food is good, and the prices very reasonable. This is the cafeteria and below that is the Swedish almond cake and a mug of coffee, which I sat and enjoyed while reading a book.

I have been coveting this cup and saucer set for so long, I love the little saucers. To be honest it's not expensive. By the time I decide I can't live without it, it will be discontinued.

Well the sun peeped through for five minutes and was actually bedazzling.


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  1. Nice pictures. I love to read in cafeteria's too. Nothing nicer than to buy a new book and gloat over it with a latte!


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