Friday, June 5, 2009

New Zealand Cup & Saucer Make It Up North

I have never seen a piece of china made in New Zealand. Especially to make it up North here. I was walking around the thrift shop with my friend C., when she said look a teacup and saucer made in New Zealand, and as she didn't want it, I was thrilled to have it. Even though the saucer was somewhat faded out the cup was fine, and when would I ever run across another piece made there. Well this is my find.

In this world were almost everthing seems to be made in china, when I was a girl it was made in Japan, but now it's China. Even the old classic British china patterns are made in Indonesia and other far flung places, and you can tell the difference.

So how many china factories are or were there in New Zealand? I think I'l try and find out. Maybe some of my New Zealand readers know, or reader.

Have a lovely weekend.


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  1. I'm not a China collector but almost every one in New Zealand probably has a bit of Crown Lynn China. It is a Kiwi Icon. Or A piece of "Kiwiana" as we call some of our uniquely New Zealand treasures. The factory is closed now I think but at one stage it was the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. Alot of younger collectors would be collecting Crown Lynn these days as it is still possible to buy neat pieces in thrift stores, whereas English bone china is popular with traditional collectors. That's my impression anyway.


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