Sunday, June 7, 2009

Old Step Ladder Stool, from Paris, Maine

Love at first sight.

This is what I used to have; which I was always meaning to get around to recovering the seat, but never have, now maybe I never will have to.

This is what I replaced it with. I have always looked at these old step ladder chairs, but they are usually ridiculously expensive, so therefore have never been considered. But this is what I ran across in the thrift.

I loved it when I saw it and loved it even more when I saw it sitting in my kitchen. The colour of the wood is so mellow and matches the wood in my kitchen.

I was lamenting to C that I do not have a big kitchen, one where you could buy one of those old Welsh dressers; which we refer to as a Hutch in the States, paint it white and distress it. I come across so many dressers, but no room. I said I have no room for any piece of furniture. Of course strictly speaking this is a replacement. But I do think it looks so much nicer in my kitchen and so practical.

Made in South Paris, Maine. According to the 1910 statistics, the Paris Mfg Co, was the most extensive wood working factory in the world at that time.

Just needs a little wood glue on one of the steps. It was used more as a step ladder than a seat, so the seat area is not as worn, and I will use it more as a seat than a step ladder.

Some purchases you love them when you first buy them and then you're not so sure, this one I loved even more when I saw it in my kitchen. What a difference to metal and plastic.



  1. O! CHRISTY! You are one very! no mean VERY!! lucky lady your steps chair is a must have and to think it ws in a thrift store O! MY GOSH!

    Now it has been such a long time since I visited Here I am to take a good long look around your blog....I know I will love the latest posts of yours I always do.

    Lee-ann, on a bitter cold Aussie day!!

  2. Christy, I just wrote this andit dropped away! :( now I will try to do it again but it went something like this!! Christy You are one lucky lady truly the steps chair is O! MY! GOSH! wonderful and to think you got it at a thrift store.. O! my! you lucky lady.

    I have not been here for awhile so am going to take a lovely long look around and know lredy how I am going to love all your posts.

    Lee-ann from a very cold aussie day!

  3. I only just saw this old step ladder stool from Paris and had to tell you Paul made one just like it a few years ago for a customer. I loved that one and love yours too. Jean


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