Monday, June 1, 2009

My Space

Every one needs a little space they call their own, and this is my space. Surrounded by my piles of books and desks and things I love.

An old lithograph English toffee tin.

My eastern screen which the light filters through, and makes me think of Shanghai or Saigon. In front of which is my Eastlake desk. The little pulls are darling. They have a bamboo design on them. Unfortunately it must originally have had little rings through them; which I probably could find something to put in there.

My Roadrunner bird; which was instant love when I saw it at the thrift. You're probably familiar with the roadrunner in the Disney cartoons.

A framed postcard of Blackpool pier 1913, just before the first world war, when it was a different world. All the ladies walking up and down in their long dresses and hats and men in their boatas.

My black leather writing portfolio, which I've had since I was sixteen. It's traveled to many places with me.

My Space,

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