Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Blooming Garden

Well these were taken on a sunny day, because this has been the wettest spring I can remember. By this time of year we are usually into the dog days of humidity. So the coolness is a pleasant respite.
Yesterday morning we had thunder and lightening and it rumbled and rumbled for well over an hour. A thunder storm in the morning is most unusual, they are usually in the late afternoon and evening. Later in the day there were tornadoes in the area, nothing like in the mid-west, but they can still course damage and you have to be careful.

In any case this is my blooming garden, or should I say garden in bloom.

I always love when the yellow iris bloom in the pond. It reminds me of 'Wind in the Willows', down by the river bank.

And a wildcat drinking at the pond.
I think she has such pretty eye markings, and those pudgy little cheeks.
How does your garden grow?

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  1. Your garden is so amazing, it looks like a real cottage garden..
    That first rose is beatuiful do you remember the name of it? Enjoy your garden....


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