Friday, June 19, 2009

Packaging and Presentation on the Clearance Counter

Doesn't this image just conjure up bungalows, verandas and tea plantations. To be truthful when I drink tea I'm into caffeine, but yes the packaging sold me, and the fact it was on the clearance counter.

I love the image of father and son, just that sepia takes you back to a different era.

Then on the same counter were these spices in a tin, an old fashioned tin, so could I pass them by.

In for a penny, in for a pound while on the Indian theme, so thought I'd try these simmering sauces.

A little diversion from India. I don't usually buy cake mix, but this is a very good brand and all of these items were on clearance.

So I took a little trip to another country while at my grocery store.

But isn't packaging and presentation so important, because it transports you to a place, a time, a smell a nostalgia.


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