Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Did It At Last !!!

It's been weighing on my mind, that I must, truly must book my flight to the UK. It's not like me to procrastinate on something like this and usually I'll be booked, four to six months ahead of time. But this year I've just said later, later.

Well the flight is booked. Of course now I know why I procrastinated, because it took me two hours to book it on line. Fill out every box, don't put spaces between numbers in dates or on your credit card. Try and figure out what the three digit code is on the back of your credit card, which has now worn off. Choose your rental car, what rental company. Start all over again because your credit card name does not match your passport name and on and on. Then print everything up.

Well all I can say is It's Done !!!

Now I can start to enjoy the time of looking forward to my trip and visit with family and friends. Plus our special trip to the Isle of Skye.


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