Monday, December 1, 2008

Green Tomato Chutney

After washing, peeling and cutting out bad parts, I had 12 lbs of green tomatoes to make into Green Tomato Chutney. They were the last of my tomatoes and were not going to ripen as they were still on the vine in November.

I made three lots.

The first lot I made with dried red hot peppers, from the market.
In between making the first batch and the second I went out in the garden and saw that some hot peppers I had planted had grown. The second lot I made with three yellow banana hot peppers from my garden. The three hot peppers in this photo I used in the last batch.

I have to tell you about these hot peppers. I washed my hands and then that evening we had pizza. My hands touching the pizza and then the pizza touching my mouth, caused my lips to tingle. I tried not to touch my eyes. My hands started tingling, as if I had been out in the cold and then they were warming up again. Pins and needles. In fact they were like that for almost three days. Getting a little less tingly each day. These hot peppers are quite potent.

Scraps for the compost.

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