Monday, December 22, 2008

Korean Bar-b-que, Village Shopping

A couple of weekends ago we decided that we needed an afternoon out. We wanted to go out to eat and ran across a Korean Restaurant. Outside they were offering bar-b-que. I think the boys were thinking more of a typical American bar-b-que, but they stuck with it and we tried our first Korean bar-b-que, where they cooked steak and shrimp at the table. We wrapped them up in lettuce leaves with all the other little side dishes, we had fun. It was a new experience for us.

From there we went on to a shopping village, nothing like an English Village, but still fun. Rob saw one of those Siberian type fur hats, although this one had some fur with mostly corduroy. It keeps him nice and warm in the mornings as he waits for the school bus. I would not have bought it for him, because I would never had thought he would wear it, but he does.

We stopped at a coffee shop and bought two different large coffees to share and we later stopped at a bakery for cannolies It was a nice day out as a family.

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