Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lil Bit Brit's New Image

What do you think of my Lil Bit Brit logo and design? My friend J a graphic artist worked on this design which I came across along with the name I thought of, but which J developed the type logo for me. I love it. I'm thinking of taking the needle out and just having Lil Bit Brit with the image. I want to do some business cards, and also some cloth labels.

I'll never forget, Rob was less than two, we were on holiday in England driving down a small country lane and a UPS truck passed us at the crossroads. Now Rob couldn't read then, but the visual image is powerful, he said UPS. Another time he saw the Coca Cola logo and chanted that too. Both when very young, the power of corporate branding.

Now I'm no corporation but I do like the little image. When you find what you like yippee!!!


1 comment:

  1. Purfect!!!!

    I know it will shine for you!! well done.

    blessings to you dear friend on this "boxing day" in Australia.



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