Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sparrows Bathing

My son Rob and a friend dug out the hole and put this pond in for me last year. We tried quite a few fish in it, but after a while they all died. Not sure why, but this year and needing to be thrifty we decided not to bother with fish. But it has turned out to be a little centre for wild life. The squirrels, birds and yes my own cat Tuppy, all like to take a drink from the pond. The other morning there had to be at least 15 sparrows taking a feathery dip, also a squirrel who came along and then decided to have fun, by chasing them off, it was lovely to see. I didn't catch them all there in my photos and my photos aren't too good, taken from a distance and through a window.

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  1. O! how wonderful that you are one of my blog watching friends and that we are going to see lots and lots of each other over the years in the land of blog!! (smiles) I am going back now to take a very close look in that wonderful china cabinet of yours..........wonderful!!! Lee-ann


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