Monday, November 24, 2008

Lil Bit Brit's China

This is my Welsh Dresser, but in the USA it is called a hutch Now the only thing in England we called a hutch, was a rabbit hutch. It may be an old English word that is not used in Britain anymore but is still used here. In any case this piece of furniture comes from Romania.

This is my china cabinet, with different pieces. Some wedding gifts and china I've collected over the years. Some Royal Winton that was my mum's.

The top shelf below holds a teaset I bought before I was married I still remember going to Sparrow's in Bishop's Stortford and buying it. The lower level of the shop was a hardware store and the upper level was for kitchen goods, china etc. It still seemed very old world when I bought my teaset. With the creaky wooden floors and staircase. The old shelves and sets of drawers to keep things in.

This set is an old red willow pattern teaset that was a great aunts. It's most unusual and I've always loved it. I would say it's late Victorian or Edwardian.

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  1. Lovely, lovely lovely! And I have had the joy of scones and tea on some of your china.


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