Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cleaning the Telephone Exchange

I know, cleaning the telephone exchange; well that's what, what has come to be known as The Boy's Room, is like. Two very tall speakers, a tele, not flat screen, but hooked up for surround sound, X Box and a computer. There are wires running everywhere, so needless to say it is not my favourite room to clean. They cling along the skirting board in bundles, run under the big rug, behind the sofa, under the desk. It is not a straight forward run the vacuum cleaner around. So this room has been seeing a lick and a promise for a long while and needed a good old clean. Today was the day and I got stuck in to do it.

First of all I took out the old computer, which has not worked for many years, but has been on hubby's list to work on; out. Although we took out the hard drives, to use as auxiliary back up, when my laptop caught a virus. I also took the monitor out. It was a large old style one, that quite often turned to shades of pink. Both these items are in the basement, waiting for further thought as to what we want to do with them.

This room cannot be cleaned properly unless you are on your hands and knees, with a bucket of soapy water and a cloth, that's why it does not get done too often.

I still have to do some more cleaning in there, windows and fan. But at least I'm feeling good about my day's efforts.

All the roman blinds need re-stringing, so need to get string for that too.


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