Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pennsylvania Latitude 39 N

Hi Dear Folk,

I know MIA, action being the operative word.  Trying to fit in all those summer things, mostly gardening and just keeping up.  Also a lot of crocheted bracelets which a friend is taking with her to Estonia, more on that in another post, plus sorting and painting the basement.

Well we have had our longest day and now are heading to winter, how can that be we were just heading into summer. 

On our latitude approximately 39 N, 21st June the sun rise was at 5:32AM and sun set was at 8:33PM, our longest day light hours were 15:00 :38.  The civil twilight was from 4:39AM to 9:06PM, which all seems so short to me when you come from more northern latitudes, I feel a little gypped in summertime. 

It is especially noticeable when camping and on vacation, when you would like the summer evening light to extend way into the night, when you can drive late at night and still see things, or get up very early in the morning and still not miss any of the scenery as you drive.  When we were in Florida camping we especially noticed this because the days are even shorter, being over a thousand miles south of us.

So guess what latitude we are equivalent of, well basically the Mediterranean Sea falling between the South of France and North Africa, Morocco.  Philly is on the same latitude as Beijing, China, and London is on the same latitude as Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I do miss those long evenings of light.  Here though we almost always have heat and more often than not humidity, lots of insect noise, I do so associate that with Pennsylvania nights, along with Dairy Queen a drive up ice-cream shop, warm nights where one wanders in the garden and you just sit and listen, listen to the sounds of the summer.  People having a party in the distance, music playing at the park, sometimes fireworks going off on the weekend.  Night time driving in a convertible.

Well heading to winter but there's some summer left isn't there?



  1. Well its 9.45 in the evening and still light with birds singing but too cold to be in the garden. I think it got up to about 20c this evening but was about 12c all morning even though it is light about 4am. We hope we will get a summer but at least the veg plants are beginning to grow and flower so we might get some tomatoes etc before winter! Enjoy your summer and I hope it will still be warm in Autumn.

  2. You cetainly have been busy, I did wonder where you'd got to, mystery solved now. Looking forward to seeing the bracelets you made
    I must remember to wave as we pass - me on my way to summer you on your way to our redundant ( not needed anymore) winter. Lol
    Take care


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