Friday, June 5, 2015

Captain JD Hills February 1915 - 1918

Hi Dear Folk,

I found this most interesting at the 100 years anniversary his letters will be posted, so for the next three years.

Captain JD Hills of the Leicestershire Regiment, wrote letters home to his family, sometimes several a day, from February 1915 to 1918. I have added a link to this Blog on my top bar.  I'm always amazed that some actually made it through that war, when of course so many didn't.  I was thinking of Vera Britain and her fiancĂ©, brother and friends, not one made it through.

The weather has been in the fifties Fahrenheit all week, although it looks better for the weekend. We did receive the much needed rain, but is always feast or famine.

I should get stuck into a big basement clean up and paint, I have to be in the right mood to tackle it after a week at work.

Busy crocheting children's hair posies and trinket bracelet as seen on Mrs Micawber's Recipe for Happiness although at the moment I can't find that particular post, they are fun to make and use up all sorts of odd earing and odd beads that you love but can't use for anything else.

Have a great weekend.



  1. The letters sound interesting. I will have a look as I always enjoy that sort of thing. The basement clear up sounds like a winter or rainy weekend project. The sort of thing I start then wish I hadn't!

  2. What a different world they lived in, with that laughing-it-off culture. I know just what you mean about being surprised anyone at all made it through. Vera Brittain's account of that time is so powerful.


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