Saturday, April 26, 2014

Central Park Walk

Would you like to continue with me on my walk through Central Park.  We are still on the West side of the park walking north.  Above is Sheep Meadow and in fact sheep grazed here up until 1934.   A little history on the park. it was opened in 1857 and now covers 843 acres. In 1844 it was decided by the notable folk of the city that a park was needed similar to the Bois de Boulonge in Paris, or Hyde Park in London, where one could drive with the top down.  There was a contest held as to the design of the park and Frederick Olmsted and Calvert Vaux won this and their design came to be known as the Greensward Plan.

The park seems to have gone into two declines and rebirths, mostly to do with who was in power and money.  Today it is a lovely park to visit and wander around.  I walked to less than half way up on the west side then crossed to walk back down 5th Avenue side.

Bow Bridge.

A wedding party.

The Lake

I think this was a German couple, having wedding photos taken.

I sat in this little gazebo and ate the left overs of my lunch time Reuben sandwich, I quite enjoyed that peaceful time sitting there.

I liked these rock formations.

I liked the shadows on the bridge.

The narrow tall tower in the distance is a very expensive penthouse apartments that sell for millions.  Marble carrara sunken baths, carved in one piece from Italy.  Hand made wood kitchen cabinets from England.  I saw this on TV.

More to come on my walk.


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  1. I really enjoyed that and I love the little gazebo. I look forward to more.


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