Thursday, December 6, 2018

11th September 2018 A Walk Around Clare, Suffolk

Hi Dear Folk,

Just a short drive from my sister's is Clare, so nice on a free afternoon just to wander around the village.

These are old alms houses that used to house the poor retired, can't say that I wouldn't mind one of those.

The plaster work on the house is called pargetry.

Nice they still have a fish and chip shop in the village.

I did like this little haberdasher and sewing shop.

A walk down past the old mill which is now an antique shop on three floors, I loved to wander around here.

Also has a little cafe/teashop, where they serve a very nice cup of tea, scone, cheese and tomato jelly.

Just past the mill is a group of three cottages, I love this one at the end which is by the canal.

Here you can see the cottage and the canal.  My dream place to live, along with a few others.

Perfect afternoon out.



  1. What a picturesque village. Love e the stain glass, the alms houses....everything

  2. You took us on a lovely tour. It was a joy to look at the stained glass windows. The haberdashery was a complete delight, what an amazing shop.

    1. It is so close to my sister's that when we have a little time we always go there.

  3. Such good photos and a beautiful place. Seem to remember you and I walking around Clare some years ago.

  4. What a charming town! I hope to see more like this on my next visit!


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