Thursday, March 2, 2017

Local Town Butcher

Hi Dear Folk,

Would you like to take a look inside a local English country butchers shop?

My brother-in-law retires next year after having worked for fifty years at a small town privately owned butchers shop in the UK.  He started at fourteen and will retire at 64.  In this day and age fifty years at the same job is unheard of.  I think there should be some special Queen's Award for dedication and loyalty.

It is a very popular shop and their meat is the best.

Lamb from Elsenham and beef from Barnston.

Local Elsenham lamb and Norfolk and Suffolk chickens.


The weather is warm, cold, windy, rainy, thunder storms, lightening and snow, in other words you don't know what to expect.  Little waves were whipped up by the wind as I looked at the river from the train this morning.  Ducks were bobbing up and down, they're hardy little creatures. All night the wind blew.

Mr. B. phoned me at work yesterday and said "I have a surprise I bought something at the thrift." I said "give me a clue," he said "Rob might have bought it."

I came home to a very large 100% wool rug, made in Spain, with a modern colourful design.  I have only seen it rolled up, so await the debut at the weekend when we can put it out.  Mr. B. said he wanted to replace the rug in the Boy's room.

Rob came home and said "what's this?" I said "you're dad wanted to replace the rug."  He said"I liked the old one it's lighter" and then said "dad's an Enigma" and I said "one you can't crack the code on."  Never a dull moment.

This Saturday is a Knitting and Fiber Crafts Club at the library, that will be interesting, I just found out about them.  Next week is the Philadelphia Flower Show, the theme is Holland, do hope to go.



  1. That is a great butchers. My mum would not have meat from anywhere else, I used to get our meat there when we were first married and my sister still goes there. Much better than the supermarket. Enjoy the flower show and I look forward to lots of photos

  2. What a clean well laid out butchers shop. I would have loved to have shopped there, specially with a butcher with 50 years of experience.
    Have fun at the knitting club


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