Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Train Ride Into Work

Hi Dear Folk,

Would you like to come along with me on my ride to work?  These are my views from the train.  For most of the way we parallel the Schuylkill River.  I took these photos the day after the snowstorm last week.

I was trying to catch all the houses along the river bank, but noticed that I caught a raft of ducks, they are hardy little things out there in all weathers.

There are more expensive houses along the river as well as boat houses and an array of dwellings in between.  On a nicer evening last week on my journey home I saw several groups out on the river sculling.

A canal used to parallel the river and this can be seen in certain parts, but not navigable anymore.

The old blue collar areas nearer to the city that are making a resurgence with restaurants and art venues.

I love this cone cupola, who takes that kind of time on a roof-line anymore?

Highways into Philadelphia, including the "Sure Kill" expressway, a take off on Schuylkill Expressway, which parallels the river on the other side from the train.

Make shift station waiting rooms which have been up for decades.

Closer to Philadelphia you see the blighted landscape of the demise of American industry.

Football field for Temple University.  This area is seeing a steady revitalization as many buildings, houses and dorms are associated with Temple University.  I actually saw them playing a couple of mornings ago as we went by, the pitch had been cleaned.

The Temple banner logo.

Philadelphia City skyline.

And to the left you can see William Penn sitting atop of City Hall.  At one time no building was to be built higher than William Penn, but that ordinance was scrapped as obviously in a city taller buildings will be needed, but certainly it has kept the horizon profile lower, up until recent years, especially around City Hall.



  1. Great pics especially beautiful in the snow. It's an interesting journey which I remember doing the first time I went to Philly. I really like train journeys as you get a good view and there is always something different to see. I took that same view of the Philadelphia skyline from the train.

  2. All the different sites for the train are really amazing. Thank you for taking us along.


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