Monday, March 13, 2017

Sébastien Lépine & 4Ailes String Quartet

Hi Dear Folk,

If someone asks us out at the last minute or offers us tickets to an event, I very rarely have to say, let me consult my social agenda, because on the whole socially, we live a pretty quiet life.  So when offered two tickets on Sunday at 12:00 Noon to a show starting at 4:00PM we're good with that, and as it was close at MCCC the local Community College that Rob went to we said yes let's go.

Sébastien Lépine & 4Ailes String Quartet are all from Canada.

We enjoyed the program, a varied repertoire including English, Jewish and Chinese Folk Songs and two Tangos and I do love a good Tango. I thought the lead violinist was very good, but she is not shown in the above photo, all the other girls make up the 4Ailes, except the second girl from left who must no longer be with them and now have a new lead violinist.  The last part of the concert Imaginations was composed by Sebastien Lepine and is played along with artwork that is viewed on screen in the background.

So made for a nice late Sunday afternoon.


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  1. What a lovely surprise for you. I do love live music.


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