Sunday, February 26, 2017

Walk By The Creek

Hi Dear Folk,

All week I over dressed it has been up in the mid sixties by mid day.  Even yesterday when we went out for a walk, I was over dressed, then in came a thunderstorm and brought back the cold weather.

Saturday we took the opportunity to walk by the creek looking for signs of spring.  There are very few bright greens throughout winter here mostly browns.  Except for the moss and lichen.

Signs of spring leaves in the undergrowth.

An American robin.

Celandine flower.

Fungi on a tree.

In fact there was so much fungi on the tree it looked like a sea reef with embedded shells.

I have finished my scarf, it is very bright and a little different, but I did enjoy putting all those colours together.

The Boy is up in Ithaca for the weekend and I think he's had nice sunny weather.  He is picking something up for his mum.  Something I saw a year ago but never bought and asked Rob to stop by and see if it was still there and it was so he negotiated a good price on it last time he was there and is picking it up this weekend, because last time although he paid for it, he forgot to go back and pick up, and it's a very heavy item, wait and see.



  1. We do not get many robins down here in Florida. I miss them from when I was growing up in Michigan, the first sign of spring.

  2. Glad u got out for a walk. I enjoyed seeing your pictures especially the fungi. Always something interesting to see even in winter.

  3. I love your photos! And I can't wait to see what you had Rob get! Have a really nice week. It's supposed to get warm again...into the 70's and then cold again.


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