Sunday, March 12, 2017

Time and When to Take the Leap

Hi Dear Folk,

Where to start!  Time is such a valuable commodity and does one want to spend it all at work? So I asked my boss for a four day work week, taking a Wednesday off, he said my NYC bosses thought I'd want a Friday, but I think a Wednesday will work nice for me two days on, one day off, two days on, two days off.  Even though I will work 20% less my expenses will still be the same, train pass and health insurance.  In USA a company will carry you on their health plan for a worker who works 30 hours or more.  I wanted to cut right down to the 30 hours, leaving half an hour earlier each day as well, which would get me home at 6:00PM instead of 7:00PM, because of the way the trains run, but they didn't go for that.  Do get to keep my paid holidays and accrued vacation time, but at 80% less.  Not too bad all in all.  I start this schedule in April.  Yippee, such plans for that poor little one day.

All my married life until the last seven years I only worked a three day week, but circumstances changed with my husband's work and I have had to work full time, that actually has happened to a number of my friends.  Here we are at the latter end of our working life and working even more than we ever did.  I'm just happy I can climb the eight flights of steps every morning out of the train station and up into the skyscraper building that I work in.  Actually I could take the escalator for five of those flights but chose to climb them.  If I don't have time for all that fitness, I can climb the five flights of steps every day.

Mr. B. and I are still working on the big leap which is when to retire and how one can afford it, the SS words Social Security and dare I say it Medicare.

Talking about Time and Leap last night we set the clocks forward in the USA and we are now on summertime, I never find this change very easy, body wise.

A friend sent me these lovely mags and I've been enjoying looking at them.  I've always wanted a Tea Time  magazine.

English country gardens are dear to my heart.

Mr. B. surprised me with this beautiful orchid.

The copper pot below was rescued by my mum out of my grandma's back garden, it had sat outside for years and was totally green.  My dad worked on it for days, or I should say every night, cleaning it up, while watching tele.  I remember the rescue and cleaning, I must have been about eight.

I think the pot is Victorian or Edwardian.

I got to go to the Craft Club and met Cliff who heads it up and the different ladies and their skills.  Spinning, weaving, knitting and crochet. The class is called Knitting and Fiber, and there were tons of old knitting books to take if one wanted, but no crochet, I might mention that to Cliff if the library could come up with some crochet mags.  We did some swaps of yarn, which was fun.  I did pick up two Vogue knitting mags, because I loved some of the ideas inside, and also some bamboo yarn. Probably should have taken more pics.

This lady was crocheting a baby blanket, it is such a simple block crochet stitch, but so effective and I thought this stitch would be nice for a skirt.


I totally finished the other scarf I was working on, Picot edged and all, and at the end of it, I did not like it, just too many colours, I'm now undoing it all and scavenging the yarn for two other Ammonite scarfs.  I started again on this scarf, with a smaller colour pallet.  I will wear it folded in half.  I also have one I'm working in browns, reds and oranges.

I got a ticket to the Philadelphia Flower Show, the theme is Holland, you see I'm still able to relive my lovely trip to Holland last year.  I'm going to take a half day off work and go in the afternoon, it's just a couple of blocks from where I work, in the Convention Center.

We are meant to have a Nor-Easter storm come in with snow, and The Boy is up in Ithaca, planning to go onto Niagara Falls and Toronto, driving, so I'm a bit concerned about that.

Now must pull all the paperwork to do the taxes, fun, fun.

Hope you weekend is good.



  1. Am so glad you will be reducing your work. The magazines look very interesting and the orchid is beautiful. The knitting club sounds fun. Hope the bad weather doesn't last long and the boy gets back safely.

  2. Well done on trying ot cut back at work. I find I am in the same situation. My husband has changed his work so thus I am working more. It is fine as I am not full time yet but still it keeps me busy. Hugs.


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