Thursday, March 23, 2017

Philadelphia Flower Show - Holland Theme - 2017

Hi Dear Folk,

Some Spring Cheer.

I worked a half a day last Wednesday week and walked from my office down to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  It's held at the Convention Center and is just a ten minute walk for me.

This bridge that you could walk under was at the main entrance and I think quite spectacular, Holland was the theme and I was in Holland a year ago this week.  Unfortunately I know that because we were in Amsterdam when there was a terrorist attack in Brussels and friends were worried about me and now a year later and another attack in London, how tragically sad.

Lots of tulips, windmills, bikes, bridges and water.

With a few dairy cows in the pasture.

Hope you enjoyed a view of the show and have more pics to post.


P.S.  You know what I did this morning, I was so busy reading that I went right past my train stop and had to get out at 30th Street Station, and come back on another train.  I thought why is the train so empty and realized it was my stop and by the time I did so the doors were closed, even though we sat at the station for a while, and you cannot open them.  On top of that this morning the President of the company was coming to our office, fortunately he arrived later, of all the mornings.

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  1. That is so beautiful. Can't believe it is a year since Amsterdam. That must have been a good book you were reading on the train.


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