Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Village Teahouse, West Point, PA

Hi Dear Folk,

I just ran across this tea house a few Saturdays ago and since Joni and I had a girlfriend date I said how about we try this tea house out.  We actually went for breakfast which seems almost sacrilegious in a setting that so suits afternoon tea so perfectly.  That gives us a good excuse to go again.  We had crepes for breakfast and a never ending pot of tea.

So if you want to check it out here it is The Village Teahouse

The photo above the mantel is how the house looked in the early 1900s.  With a typical American wrap around porch which I am a total fan of.

This is a themed room which I think gets changed out about four times per year.  It had been Jane Austin theme and I'm sorry that I missed that, as you can see it is Princess theme now and will be Steam Punk.

With Victorian houses I love the old fitted cupboards and woodwork.  We were made most welcome by the proprietress.

So after our lovely late breakfast we wondered over to Lansdale for an Art and Craft show, Festival of The Arts, where I bought a photo/glass barrette with an owl on, just very different, and a silver knife flower holder.  Where you cut the end off a knife, where all the filigree work is and stick a pin onto the back and make it into a broach flower holder, such a neat idea.  You could put fresh flowers in it, or I thought a lovely posy of felt flowers would look nice, you know I like felt posies.

And to the end of our day we went back to our single days to an ice cream shop we used to frequent, at a farm, Merrymead.  I had sea-salt caramel and coffee mocha in a sugar cone, the perfect ending.   Here it is Merrymead Farm.



  1. It looks like a lovely day together. I love the tea shop!

  2. What a great day out. I'd love to check that teashop out for real. I look forward to the photos of your purchases.


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