Friday, August 19, 2016

Tea at the Tea Shop

Hi Dear Folk,

I like these two painting of two friends sharing tea at a tea shop.  I like the thought that they could have aged and mellowed.  In the top painting they look a little prim, but in the bottom painting, just friends nattering about life.

With the younger ladies you definitely know they are sitting in a tea shop, right by the front street display window.  It's a busy street people are passing by and some are looking in at all the good cakes.  They seem a little lost in their own thoughts, but still sharing a quiet space over tea together.

My immediate thought with the older ladies is that they too were sitting in a tea shop, but you cannot so easily tell this, it's just an impression with the clothes they are wearing, their hats are on and the way they are turned in confiding with each other.  The plain white china with white bread sandwiches, almost makes it institutional like the Women's Institute, or maybe they are just sitting in their living room on the sofa.  What do you think?

The Tea Table
Mable Francis Layng (1881 - 1937)
West Park Museum

The Merry Wifes
Paul Montem Clarke (1915 - 1999)
The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery


  1. Oh I do so love both! How many conversations have we had at tea shops over the years? I love the expression of the older woman that is sipping tea. Would they wear hats if having tea at home? Makes me think they are out.

  2. I agree with Candyce but could they be at their London club?


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