Sunday, August 21, 2016

Roasting Ears of Corn Festival - American Indian Festival

Hi Dear Folk,

This is the Roasting Ears of Corn Festival, a Native American celebration of art and culture.

Turtle Clan.

These two ladies above were from Canada, the lady in the center is from the Micmac tribe and their clothing was embellished with shells, instead of beads and paint.  The other lady whose tribe I cannot remember is also named Turtle Clan and this can be seen on her attire.

What else would you have for lunch but buffalo burgers, buffalo stew and roasted corn, followed by cherry pie.

This lady and her daughter were from the Micmac tribe who are across Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI.  I love the Indian name for PEI and think it should be changed back to Epekwika, which means "Cradle on the Waves."  Such an apt description of the island because it looks just like a cradle in the waves, and obviously the Micmac's had figured out the shape long before aerial photogragphy.

South American Indian Equador.

Fabian Fontanelle, Zuni and Omaha, New Mexico.

Shelly Morningstar, Cheyenne, North Dakota.

I will just say this we ditched the cowboy hats, before entering the festival, we thought it might not be respectful, but decided to take a few shots with us wearing them before we left.  But actually we could have worn them.  I did wear my Indian Turquoise jewelry.



  1. What beautiful outfits. Wish I could have seen this. I will show to Stephanie. Great photos of you n Bob in the hats.

  2. You do such interestint things! A very nice day and you both look so happy and so nice!


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