Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Harvest Tea

Hi Dear Folk,

Even though we've been in a heat wave of over 100 f with high humidity, I'm still aware that summer is drawing to an end, twigs of leaves are already falling off my oak tree.  Summer's end entails the summer harvest.  So this painting of a harvest tea seems most appropriate.

Tea is the elixir of life I think, besides a glass of Drambuie, but wouldn't a harvest tea in such a setting be so special.  I like the stone flagons of which my mum and grandma had a few and I'm sure there's a meat pie in there as well as a blackberry pie, loaves of fresh bread, cheese and butter I would think and apples.  Maybe some elderberry wine or rhubarb which my great grandma used to make and my dad said it was the best, or some elder-flower fizzy pop, although I'm thinking in those flagons it could be apple cider.

In summer my dad would head out to work with a bottle of cold tea, and I do not mean American iced tea.  Just tea with milk and sugar cold, in a bottle.  It never really is too hot in the UK to go bad.  Of course hot tea in a flask in winter.

So I'm starting a little series of "Art of Tea"  posting paintings with a tea theme that I especially like.

Harvest Tea

I was out with an older friend the other day, Rose, and we ran across The Village Teahouse which we are definitely going to try out.  We took a peek in the door and were drawn inside by the lovely atmosphere so will be paying a visit here.



  1. I love the picture and the idea of tea pictures. The tea room looks good.

  2. So many tea shops have left and I felt so sad about it. Here is a new one and a very lovely one at that! May I join you when you go?


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