Thursday, August 18, 2016

Salwar Kameez

Hi Dear Folk,

The heat wave is over but still hot over 90 f, this Saturday should be sunny and in the 80s f so that will be nice.  I always seem to hear of events after the fact and say if I'd of known I would have gone.  So this year I am on an email list of Fairs throughout Pennsylvania, and this Saturday there are at least three which I would like to go to, but have chosen one "Roasting Ears of Corn Festival"  I will tell you all about it after I've been.

Eleven years ago I had a tree fall on my car while I was driving, it was very frightening and I was fortunate, as the police officer said, that I was not killed.  In fact it was a neighbour's tree.  Three different entities and insurances were involved.  The tree people who had been contracted to cut down the tree but said it was safe enough until they got to it, the homeowners insurance and my car insurance.  The long and the short of it was we were the ones out of pocket by $500.00 for our car insurance deductible.  Fast forward to now, we have just found all the paperwork on the car accident.  About five or more years ago the paint started to peel off where it had been resprayed and it looks pretty bad.  It was a life time guaranteed job, so now we are in the process of seeing if anyone will cover me for a new paint job on my car.  Yes it is a fourteen year old car, but it's good, so would be great to get it done.  We will see if anyone covers this.

At the thrift sometimes they have racks of new clothes that have been donated from stores and I ran across a rack of Indian Salwar Kameez.  I have always wanted one ever since my friend Jean, who I went to Amsterdam with, had a couple made while out in India, and says they are so easy to wear and comfortable, colourful and fun.

A Salwar Kameez is really made up of three items, the tunic, the pants and a matching scarf.  Some of the sets only had two pieces.  I looked through and saw that none of those tunics were going to fit me, but then I had the idea of adding in a gusset which I have done before on different pieces.  I looked for the prettiest scarf and fabric and found one that had only two pieces a lovely wide scarf in deep turquoise and maroon with gold paisley on it and a matching tunic, no pants.  But that is great, because I will insert a gusset in the tunic and make matching pants. I found a pattern in Burda for an Indian Salwar Kameez, but then I found a pattern in Vogue, which was on sale for $5.00, it's a long coat and tapered pants.  Almost a Western take off on the Salwar Kameez idea, in fact in the "Second Best Marigold Hotel" movie, Judy Dench wears a linen one with a scarf which I thought she looked very nice in and would suit many women.  So I've started by unpicking the sides, now I have to look for fabric.  So the whole outfit was $9.00 after my 25% discount that Saturday and it was worth that for the shawl alone, because the Paisley pattern is one of my very favourite designs.  I do love Indian fabrics so bright and cheerful.

The Boy is shooting his third Indian Wedding this weekend and he so enjoys all that colour and food.

What do you think of this Zika virus, I'm just hoping these Olympics don't turn it into a pandemic, that's what happened after the WWI with the Spanish Influenza and they are finding more and more ways that it is transmitted.  It's already in Puerto Rico and Florida.  But now it might start to travel more places than in the Americas and Islands.

Well on that happy note I'll close out.  Don' know why my mind wanders to such things.


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  1. I hope you get your respray. I look forward to seeing your salwar kameez and hope you enjoy wearing it. I wore my bright yellow set to a party recently and I love it. I really liked the one Judi Dench wore too. Can't you go to one of these Indian weddings with Rob as his assistant.


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