Sunday, August 28, 2016

Frock, Family, Food and Friends

Hi Dear Folk,

Summer is winding down, and autumn is in the garden, plants have spent their life for the summer and are beginning to curl up for the winter season, this is especially noticeable in my hosta and all that is falling out of my oak tree, including acorns which are impaling themselves everywhere.

I planted portulaca in my back pots and I think I have hit on a good flower to plant in them, being under the eaves of our house even when it rains, those pots are very dry and portulaca do not mind that and are so prolific and colorful.

My frock of this summer, I loved the print of hydrangeas and have enjoyed wearing it.  An end of summer sale from Talbot's and it was from the Oprah Winfrey collection, but I just like it. Worn with an Austrian black faceted bead necklace I picked up at a thrift in Ithaca.

It was lovely to get together on Monday evening for a dinner with friends visiting from Minneapolis, Danny and Linda used to live in this area but moved back to where Linda was originally from MN.  The only evening they could make it was Monday so got together other friends, Nancy and Joni and it all came together. We've all know each other from our single days.

Mr. B. made lasagna and swept up the patio, as I worked all day, but was able to get off an hour earlier to set things up, even The Boy was able to join us.  The evening was cool with a breeze.  At one point the cicadas became so noisy we could hardly hear ourselves talk, yes they are back this year.

I've made a decision that the patio needs extending, it's just a matter of getting Mr. B. on board with that thought.

As Joni said "Christy does not believe in paper plates."

We had good food, friends and family all together, what could be better.



  1. What a lovely evening. I love your dress. Paper plates are not good as they are too flimsy but I must admit to using them for buffet with lots of people. I am impressed with your table settings and am trying to follow your good example.

  2. I think you look beautiful in that dress, it is a gorgeous color. So glad you had a nice time with your friends.

  3. The dress looks lovely on you Christy. And how nice to have a great time with family and friends. The best times.


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